Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Split Level

Here is an instance where I really should create a more elegant solution, but this old plywood box has served me so well for so many years! The photo below shows a "low bench" that is attached to the side of my regular bench. For a chairmaker, it is a huge help.

I don't bother to do any scraping on the seat surface until after I've legged it up. All of the work to finish off the seat is comfortably done at this height. I can even reach it with my light to get a good raking light across the surface as I work. It sure beats my old method of wrestling the chair across the floor. The clamping block is just a piece of old wooden clothes rod wrapped in pipe insulation. Hey, it works, and besides, this silly piece of foam gets used more than all of my handmade planes!

On a techie note, my web site entry page was acting up for a while (who knows how long!). I have fixed it and the site can now be entered by clicking on the photo. Thanks


Anonymous said...

Hey Pete, I hate to change the subject but the photo sparked a question. I would love to know the process you use to route the legs for rockers and is it done before or after legging up? Many thanks!

Greg P.

Anonymous said...

What is that foam thing anyway. It looks like something medical in nature or maybe something I might take on safari in Bangladesh.

Peter Galbert said...

I route the rockers after assembling the stretchers but before putting in the seat. As far as the routing goes, I will have to get back to you. The rocker routing was shown to me by another chairmaker and I have tried not to post other folks techniques on the blog. Even though I have my own twist to the technique, I am hesitant to publish someone elses process without permission. I will run it by him soon.
Thanks for your patience.