Thursday, January 3, 2008

A New Jig

Holding pieces for drilling and carving can be key to ease and accuracy. The problem of course is that after turning a baluster leg etc... there aren't any discernable flats to hold onto.
This is an update of a jig that I've used for years to hold my legs while routing (yes, routing with a router!) the slots for my rockers. It enables me to hold any shaped leg in my vise, in a wide range of positions. Today, as I was looking at my older version of the jig, a light bulb went off sending me to the scrap pile and then to the lathe. This is my favorite type of innovation, quick, cheap and funky looking.

Here is how it holds the leg. I added leather to the jaws after taking the photo and had no marring on the cherry legs that I was working on.

Here it is in the vise. It gives a suitable amount of movement to work on the ends while holding solidly.
While I like to use my router, the holding jig works fine with a hand saw too!

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