Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Guest Blogger Gerry Felix

Just finished day 2 of the rocking chair class with Peter. Got a slow start, managing to get stuck in a ditch before we even started. But Pete picked me up, arranged for a tow truck and we were off and running.
Spindles are drying, comb back carved and bent, arm bent, seat carved, so we're back on schedule. As it should be; it's my second time around with Pete. Amazing how much one forgets because he thinks he'll remember. I'm relearning much, and have the added benefit of observing Pete working on his signature rod-backs.
So here we go on day 3, turning with a special emphasis on the skew, my favorite subject.

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greg said...

Gerry mentioned Peter's rodbacks. They're really wonderful chairs. The birdcage is my favorite. I'm intrigued by the fake mitre joint they have at the side post/crest joint. Some day I'll try my hand at making some of those. Judging by Peter's relative pricing for these chairs, they'll provide a challenge.