Friday, February 23, 2007

Good Morning

I couldn't resist taking this photo as I walked out to start the fire in the shop this morning. You can see my homemade maple syrup rig buried in the snow. It was actually warm enough a couple of days ago for the sap to run. I can't wait to watch the sunrise while boiling down the syrup. I am having a great time with this blog and have been coming up with all sorts of topics. Soon I'll be talking about specific sharpening techniques, chair design, hide glue, drilling, and shaving, to name a few. Your input is essential to me as I try to guage how specific to be. I'd better get back out there and stoke the fire, Gerry will be here soon.


money said...

Hey Peter was wondering what are the dimensions of your shop???

Peter Galbert said...

The shop in the image is 16'X30'. My current shop is about 20'X20'. Luckily, chairs don't take space to make!