Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Gerry Felix, Guest Blogger pt.3

Whew, on two counts: completing the rocker in timely fashion and completing the drive home in some really nasty weather.
Pete once again proved up to the instructional challenge, this being my second visit. Can't say enough about the facility, having gone from the basement to a real chairmaker's workshop. The lighting was superb and the wood stove provided plenty of heat, in spite of a few bitterly cold days.

Work days were very full, but not overtaxing. We held to a basic 8-5 schedule, which proved to be about right in completing the chair in just over 6 days. Added benefit to me was observing Pete work on his new rodback armchair. I brought along some of my tools, but used Pete's the majority of the time. Razor sharp. Pete uses a variety of grinding and polishing wheels, then onto waterstones and strop. I thought mine were adequately sharpened, but I was wrong. We tuned up many of my tools as we worked our way into the week.

So now my challenge is to duplicate my efforts and complete a chair on my own, and I feel confident that I can do just that. Preconceived notions led me to believe that one merely added rockers to regular chairs. Not so. The undercarriage is altogether different and assembly takes a great deal of adjusting and treaking to arrive at total balance.

Today I'm still in a recovery mode, but tomorrow it'll be time to bend an arm and crest. I know I'll have questions along the way. I also know that I'll have Pete there on my wing, ready to bail me out.

PS: got my scrapers coming along nicely. Thanx.

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