Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Rocker Jig Progress

I found a place to buy 3/4" baltic birch plywood and started working out the design of the rocker fixture. Here are the results so far.
I've eliminated the base that I used in Australia, opting to use the bench and a couple of clamps. It makes the jig much smaller and easier to store. I'll go into more of the details as it comes to fruit.
As you can see, the central panel swings both directions so that the platforms on the top can be set once in the process. If you aren't familiar with original, you might understand it once I shoot the videos.
Here are the platforms that the router runs on. If you click on the images, you can see them larger.

Just a few slots and hardware to make the platforms adjustable and I'll be ready to route. It's almost worth all the splinters... almost.


Steve Kirincich said...

Hi Pete,
Once again i am amazed at what can be built with a shaving horse, a travisher, and a tapered reamer!


Ziegler WoodWork & Specialty said...

Hi Pete,

Started reading your Blog, Lots of good information. Thanks.
I love the look of the new jig you are building keep it up. I am totally a jig man. If I am going to repeat something more than once I create a jig.
Have some good baltic birch suppliers here in Minn. if you need more.

Take care
Ziegler WoodWork & Specialty

Bern said...

My form-ply model is suddenly looking a tad blue collar in comparison.

Glen Rundell said...

Your form ply jig works just fine Mr.Bern, in fact I made templates from the rocker slots yesterday and both sides were identical. I'll post a pic tonight...

Nice work on the jig Pete. I find myself eternally envious of U.S. quality plywood. It makes our product seem positively firewood like in comparison.....