Monday, April 22, 2013

A View Inside

I would love to pretend that ideas and plans come out of my head like a finished Sketchup drawing, but alas, it's more like the tray on a highchair after a spaghetti dinner.
I show this to announce that I am finally building the next version of the rocker fixture that was so successful on my trip to Australia last year and to show off my new camera. That's right, I've moved out of the point and click and back into my art school photo phase. I'll be using my new camera to shoot high def video of the jig building and use. I'm very excited to have this fixture in the shop, not only will it make mounting rockers easier, but more importantly, they will be exactly consistent from chair to chair, which means that I'll be able to focus on refining them even more.
Here is the view that my wife has seen ever since I got the camera (an Olympus E-m5). Besides grunting for food, all I've talked about for 3 days is the features of this camera, charming, I'm sure.

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