Thursday, February 16, 2012

Murray Kidman

I was fortunate to have my friends Carl and Glen in Australia introduce me to Murray Kidman. He is a rare breed of Aussie who goes out into the bush with a chainsaw and a boatload of skill and comes back with some beautiful woods. He specializes in tone woods for guitar makers. Watching him work is pure pleasure. I've never seen a chainsaw handled so expertly.
 Here is a snake having a particularly tough day. He was in the log and managed to get cut into thirds. We never did find the head!

Check out this video of Murray at work.

I watched him rip a board less than 3/8" off the side of the log like it was cut on a resaw bandsaw.
Here is the final product at the Maton Guitar showroom in Victoria.

For another video of brilliant Aussie bushmen, check out this one that Robin Wood posted.


mckenzie said...

Murray makes it look pretty easy, i feel like i'd have lost all my personal limbs milling up that tree. Learning how to use a chainsaw is on my list.

Tico Vogt said...

Any particular tooth profile/filing angles that he goes by?
Never uses a guide? Wow.

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Peter Galbert said...

It's a skip tooth, full chisel blade with the teeth filed nearlynstraight across!

Unknown said...

Timber framing was my first passion so I loved the video and the link to the old school timber framers.

Next time I am in Aussieland I might have to check out that guitar shop.

Nice to see you posting away Pete!