Monday, February 27, 2012

I miss Dana


When considering moving, we measured the possibilities of new opportunities against the known assets that we enjoyed where we were. It was tough. One of the roughest assets to lose, was my photographer friend Dana Duke. 


Dana is a commercial photographer and artist and basically stays "on call" for all the artists and craftsfolk in the southern Catskills. He was always there to help shoot a chair on the way to a client was great!

 Now, what we get is a few hurried shots in my driveway on the way to loading them up. Not my best, but I have a nasty sinus infection and these chairs are late on delivery!

They turned out great and I am planning to make one for myself. It's a different idea than I've built before, in that, the client wanted "lounge" chairs, which most folks order as rockers, but he didn't want that. I very much liked the look of the long legs and elimination of the rockers. Rockers are a hard design element to work with as they are large and the shortening of the legs can look awkward if not addressed well.

I'm getting used to the different qualities of the walnut and can't wait to dig in again. First, I have to get healthy and buy those boots that I promised Sue for driving me all the way to Connecticut to deliver these chairs!


Tico Vogt said...

The chair looks beautiful and inviting. I imagine that it is very comfortable all the way around.

I've always wanted to ask busy chairmakers this question. I'll begin with you. How much time to you actually spend in chairs?

After looking at Sam Maloof's book I concluded that, based on the production level he maintained, he only sat down for photo-ops for his book, otherwise he was working, grabbing a quick bite, or sleeping.

I'm reasonably busy and moving most all the time except, as now, when at my computer in the same low cushioned chair that I use for classical guitar playing. No TV.

Otherwise, very little chair time.
How about you?

Peter Galbert said...

it's a great question. I actually spend a good amount of time in chairs, at least an hours or two a day. I keep three rockers in my family room and generally relax in them with my wife and friends in the evening. I also sit in them for meals and computer time. I am constantly trying to improve the comfort and aesthetics of my chairs, so it's not too uncommon to find me sitting in one chair while staring at another!!! This is why I keep goats and chickens, it gives me the appearance of being normal (I think?!)

Bill Palmer said...

Tico: Maybe we have been schooled in sitting in uncomfortable chairs. I think chair comfort has taken a beating at the hands of mass production. Only a few non upholstered chairs come to mind as being truly comfortable, perhaps the potato chip chair...well! that's it for the moment. I haven't sat in one of Pete's chairs, but yesterday we put the rockers on one of his Fine Woodworking rockers the students at Warren Wilson College are building, and boy! My back just relaxed into that chair. As guitar playing has gone from Dwane Eddy to John McLaughlan. So will wooden hand made chairs, thanks to the like of Pete and his buddies.

Unknown said...

Tico I can vouch for you that Pete sits around a lot. :) Just joking but like most of us chair guys if we are sitting our minds keep cranking out the work.

Bill sign up for a class and you will get to, no doubt, try out his collection.

BTW I hope the cover girl got her boots.

Andrew Jack said...

I think we have the same photographer.

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