Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Curves in Focus

Sometimes wishes can come true, especially if they border on the mundane. Often during the design process, I've wished for a large, non marring, accurate way to measure and record the curves of my chairs. I like to compare and contrast so that the best results can be carried forward and to understand what makes them that way.

As I was thumbing through a Garrett Wade catalogue, amongst the hordes of stuff they now sell for the "Gentleman gardener", I came across this tool. It's a 18 inch contour gauge and it was made just for me. At about $70, it is way pricey, but for every time that I wished that I had one, I took the plunge. (For an extra dollar, I got the "set" with the 6" version as well)

I've already run around the house comparing curves with lot's of "a ha's" and "hmm's". My grand plan is to record the cross sections of my favorite seats and make some templates to reference while carving. I'll post my results soon.


R Francis said...

And here is a link to help you practise.


Herman said...

Peter, how's that book coming? It would be great to include such profiles for the rest of us.


Anonymous said...

Peter.I miss your how to videos.Would you consider making one on the draw knife jig and how to sharpen them.I really am in need such training.Glad you are coming to Atlanta again,Thanks Kerry

Peter Galbert said...

thanks for the link, it brought a big smile to the face of my librarian at the end of a tough day!

No need to wait for the book, I'll post my findings as soon as I think that they are worth it.

I miss the videos too, I recently upgraded my Mac, but it turns out that they downgraded Imovie, so I am in need of better editing software. Your comment has spurred me on, I'll order it today and the first video will be your request,
thanks for the nudge!

Unknown said...

As one of the owners of Garrett Wade I'm delighted you're enjoying the profile gauge so much.

One of the issues we face is one man's "Gentleman gardener" is another man's indispensable Japanese digging knife. With that said we're always open to bringing back peoples favor woodworking tools so feel free to email me thoughts, suggestions, ideas, etc. Thanks for the post!
Craig Winer

Peter Galbert said...

oops, I should have been a bit more diplomatic in my choice of words! I'm sure that you are used to each individual thinking that the world should bend to suite their interests, so please accept my apologies. Garrett Wade was my first woodworking store when I lived in Manhattan, going there was like going to heaven. I understand that change is essential for businesses to grow and prosper so best of luck, and rest assured, next time I'll flip through the catalogue with a more open mind,

Unknown said...

No worries, I'm not offended. I understand the nostalgia for those days - we get that way sometime too.

I'm serious about tool ideas. We may not do them all but I'm very open to hearing from you. Especially you given your long relationship with Garrett Wade

Peter Galbert said...

thanks for letting me off the hook, I'll certainly let you know if I find some worthy tools,