Sunday, April 27, 2008

Double Bobbin Turning

In keeping with the turning theme, here is a short video of turning a double bobbin chair leg. Yes, its the one that looks like bamboo, or a stylized version of it. This simplified style has always been attractive to me. The actual turning of it is pretty simple and a great way to pick up skills that are essential to the more ornate and difficult balusters. I will be making videos of specific techniques geared towards learning these techniques, but for now it just so happened that I had 6 of these to turn for the settee that I am making, so here it is.


Herman Veenendaal said...


2 questions, what angle grind do you use on the roughing gouge? And, do you grind a radius on the skew?



Anonymous said...

I also have a question - what kind of wood is that? I would also like to know any details on your roughing gouge too. I have never had wood just ribbon off like that when i use that tool. :(

Steven Sprague

Peter Galbert said...

I grind my gouge at around 40 degrees and yes I have a slight radius on my skew. The wood that I was turning is hard maple. It was a relatively green piece. In future videos I will turn other woods and maple that is dried to give a comparison. thanks for the questions,

Anonymous said...

Peter, what was that caliper that you used. It appears to someting a little different from the usual suspects I've seen.



Peter Galbert said...

the caliper that I use in the video is one that I've developed. I am trying not to use the blog for much outright commerce. You can learn more about it at my website
Just click on the caliper logo in the upper left hand corner.