Wednesday, November 28, 2007

New Arm

Here is a photo of the new arm that I put on my latest chair. It satisfies a desire that I have had for years, which is to have a gentle concavity on the top of the arm. It echos the other curves of the chair and gives a lot of life to the overall design. I'll be posting the finished chair soon as well as a new finish recipe that I am excited about.

To make the arm, I simply turned a round blank, located and made the joinery and finally cut out the top. The simplicity of making it tells me that something is going right. I often look at the ease of the process that I am using for confirmation. If something that I am doing seems overly complex, risky or difficult, it is a red flag that I haven't solved my problems completely or that my goals are not in keeping with the best use of the wood.


Anonymous said...

Nice, what a great place to display facets. Makes me want to reach out and rub my hand across the computer screen.
Greg P.

rookster said...

That arm begs to be handled. The striking visual of the facets tells me I'm going to like the feel of this. A new classic.

PLF and LFP said...

nice design work - this is a pretty shape, modern and understated.