Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sneak Peek

I am planning on shooting a video of all the interesting woodworking that's gone on behind the scenes in our new house. There is some great timberframing and some fantastic wood. But for now, I figured I'd show some partial shop shots.

And yes, I know that that this is the cleanest it will ever be. I can't wait to get in there and chew up some wood!

You can click on the photos to see larger versions.


Rich said...

Nice shop!!

Unknown said...

Wow, great shop! Do you happen to recall where you get the lamp that fits in a dog hole on your bench?

Jameel Abraham said...

Congrats on the new space Peter. It looks just perfect.

Unknown said...

I can answer that for you Ben. Like everything else, Pete finds it in a magical yard sale that has those perfect woodworking finds. I asked him the same question for half the stuff in his shop that is great for the task at hand and I haven't seen before and I always seemed to get the same answer.

I want wood floors in my shop! Jealous.

Peter Galbert said...

Thanks Everyone!
It's just a basic desk lamp that usually fits into a small clamp, but I just stick it in the bench!

Kevin said...

Wow, got drawknife in picture #1!

The new shop (and home) looks great. Are you back open for classes now?

Best wishes,

Peter Galbert said...

That's my new drawknife rack that Seth made, I just couldn't resist.
I have class openings starting in the late spring/ early summer,
thanks for commenting,

Tee said...

Your shop looks great! Those floors are beautiful. Seems a shame to get them messed up with paint and/or stain, but I guess that is just part of the shop environment.

John said...

Very cool! Shop looks impressive, but I think it's time to mess it up a bit with some production!