Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Turning Point

Before Jameel starts organizing a wake for Chair Notes, I thought it best to give a quick update. As I sit here, this little amaryllis has been giving me hope of things to come.
I've been teaching a lot this Winter when not here at the computer working on my book. I just finished up a class of 24 students at the North Bennet Street School. Dan Faia is doing a great job with the program over there and was fantastic to work with. Working with so many students at once was a huge challenge.
Chris Schwarz has started working closely with me to shape the book manuscript and help get it out there. I've gotten a huge boost from Raney Nelson, Bern Chandley, Caleb James and Claire Minihan, who have been my first readers.

Now I head to the Caymans for my sisters wedding and then I will start my southern tour of Highland Woodworking and Warren Wilson College. By the time I get back, Spring should be well started up here. I will likely miss most of syrup season, but from the current view, I think Winter might be a little stubborn leaving, so hopefully I'll still get a few quarts.
I hope you are all staying warm and making chairs!