Thursday, May 13, 2010

Galbert Caliper Progress Report

Recent inquiries have made me think that it's time to have an update on the progress of the new Galbert Calipers. I've been working with 8 different companies here in the U.S. to produce all of the components of the tool. To be able to meet the market demands and keep the price the same, we've had to rethink, retool and retest all of the parts, and I'm happy to say that the process is nearly complete. Thanks to all of you on the wait list for your patience, I think you are going to be quite pleased with the results.

Here is an image of the cover plate of injection molded polycarbonate. My mold makers did an excellent job on the surface and edge quality. I'll be posting the first assembled model so that you can see the differences.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Circle Widens

Last night we started seeing a few tell tale signs that Maggie was entering labor. By Six this morning, she was well under way and within an hour, she had two lovely kids, a male and a female!

Maggie was a real trooper, she lay next to me on a bed of hay and screamed her little head off while the kids came. Then she cleaned em up and let them get some milk.

Sue and I are pretty exhausted from all the excitement, but it's really Maggies day, what a lady.
Some folks have asked me "why goats, aren't they just smelly animals that eat cans?" The short answer is "No", they are clean and bright and actually picky eaters. I think of them as a blend of dog and deer, not a bad combo for a dairy.

We milked Maggie on the milking stand to get more colostrum for the kids and she was patient and calm, I guess motherhood suits her!