Monday, October 3, 2011

The Other Side of the Coin

A former student of mine, Pat Tipton, who has become a great friend has started a blog of his own. In this entry, he talks about taking a class with me many years ago. Pat was in the old basement shop of mine with a pal of his from Texas (that made three Texans in the shop) and they squeezed me for every dime. They stayed every night until 9 pm and on the last night of the class, I finally just went to bed and told them to shut out the lights. They left around midnight. But that's Pat, every day an adventure.

Pat is the guy you'd love to hate. He's good at everything. He's a highly educated and successful professional, has a beautiful family, plus he's a virtuoso musician, a stunt pilot, a farmer, a mechanic and an outstanding craftsman, just to name a few. The problem is that he's so humble and his enthusiasm is so boundless that he's just plain fun to be around. I often say that teaching is the hardest work that I do, but the mere fact that it brings fascinating folks like Pat into my world means that I'll always do more of it. So, lend him an ear, it's good stuff.

If this peaks your interest, there are still openings in the course that I'll be teaching at Highland Woodworking in early November.

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Unknown said...

Pat appears to be a comedian as well. Funny post. Need an assistant? :P