Sunday, October 9, 2011


Those of you who have followed the blog for a while know how much work Sue and I put into our old house and workshop. I'm sure it came as a surprise that we left it, and yes, it was in many ways difficult. So I'm very happy to report that we've bought a house and if ever there was a nod towards destiny, here it is.

The house caught my eye because the photos of the interior were so reminiscent of our old place, and sure enough, it is exactly the same layout, only the new house was built in 1800. Basically, it was the house I was trying to build. Plus, it has an attached carriage house and garage that will finally give me that separate space for my dusty tools that I've always wanted.

But here is where it gets weird. This house was part of a chair making operation in the 19th century. There was a mill in the nearby pond and a chair shop across the street. The chair maker lived in the house and to commemorate this, the carriage house walls are lined with the boards from the old chair shop.

Here is the carriage house, as I'm putting down a new floor. The timberframing is done with hand hewn chestnut beams.

And who better to help me finish the floor than Chairnotes pal Seth Weizenecker! Seth came for a visit just in time to help me with the floor and move my shop over. Thanks and sorry Seth!

And yes, this is the last time this floor will look so clean.

Here is the Chairnotes covergirl with the maple in the front yard.

Besides being surrounded by conservation land on all sides, the property has maple for sugaring and of course, room for the goats and chickens.

Here is the new portable goat shed.

While we don't have a pond here, there is a brook that runs across the street where the chair shop was.

We set up the shop and I'll be posting shots soon. Ok, perhaps it's not fate, but it sure feels like home.


Steve Kirincich said...

Congratulations. How far is this from the rental property?


John Scott said...

Looks like you found a great place, Pete! Hope you post some more pics of the critters after they move in.

Peter Galbert said...

It's about 10minutes closer to you!

Thanks, I can't wait to get them over there, the woods are full of scrubby stuff and rocks to play on!

Patrick Tipton said...

Congrats Pete! Place looks gorgeous. I did hear the Twilight Zone theme while reading your blog post - just saying.....


Anonymous said...

Congrats. on your new home.You get more done than any one I know in such a short amount of time. You should write a book. Former Atlanta boy does good! Ms Tee and
I may drop by when you come to Highland.

Tee said...

Your place is wonderful. The floor being refinished is in your shop? That is a fancy looking place. Like we have room to talk. Are you having to do anything to the house?

Will the goats actually stay in that shelter? I see you put little windows in there for them. Cracked me up. I'm with John, post some more photos of the critters.

Peter Galbert said...

Thanks Tee and Kerry,
The new floor is in the shop and other than that, the place is turn key! Hope to see you in Atlanta.

yeah, it's almost eerie walking around the place, it's exactly like our place in NY, but without the huge property taxes.

Andrew Jack said...

You moved closer to me, and then, in a seeming fit of disgust, moved ten minutes farther away. I understand. Be careful with that new shop floor