Friday, October 28, 2011

What you might not know about this Blog.

I get a lot of emails and calls with questions, and I welcome them. After all, I'm just another guy in his shop, scratching his head and looking for answers. The blog technology has proven to be a great way to share information, and in recent times, I've found myself searching for things that I've covered in it.

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Here's what you may not know. The little white box in the upper left corner is a search box. Besides using the catalog of titles on the right to access info by category, you can just put a key word in the box and every post that is relevant will pop up. It's a great way to cut through to just the info you want.

Give it a try! But rest assured, I still welcome the calls and emails,


Harry said...

Hi Pete.
In your original series on drill bit grinding you measured the tool rest angle at 35° (May 9, 2007) but more recently (July 8 2011) you mentioned 18° for hardwoods and 11° for pine. Have you changed your opinion or are these measuring different things.
The search thingy works great.
Have a good time in Australia.
Harry Miller

Peter Galbert said...

I have experimented recently with the angles in an attempt to get better results and currently, the 11 degree and 18 degree numbers are working well for me. Like most techniques, I am always trying to explore, learn and change! Thanks for trying the search box, it's pretty cool huh!?