Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tool Junkie Heaven

Last week, I had Glen Rundell from Australia here to build a Crested Rocker, like the one in last years Fine Woodworking (shameless plug). Glen is also hosting me in Melbourne as I teach 3 classes and give a lecture this winter. You can see more about this at the Melbourne Guild of Fine Woodworking (shameless plug #2).

Here is Glen in the new shop. Technically, he is the first person to build a chair inside these walls in 150 years or so!

Here is his chair in progress. Note how perfectly the spindles are sitting, even though they are only drilled into the seat, nice drilling Glen!

Here is the finished, though not glued (shipping you know) chair. The blue tape is a new aesthetic that I've been working with!

and here is Glen, hamming it up with his new tool chest.

He bought this patternmakers chest, full of the tools of the craftsman, including his brand and glasses (see Glen's face) from Patrick Leach. I first stumbled upon Patrick's website about 13 years ago while learning more about handplanes. It is the most exhaustive source of handplane and tool knowledge that I've come across. What I didn't know, was that he lives about 30 minutes from my new house.

So I went with Glen to pick up some tools that he'd ordered.

Now, we've all stood at a dealers table full of tools that we've only seen in pictures in complete awe. Well, this is where those tools live. Unbelievable.

Patrick was generous to let us take photos of his tool crazed man cave.

When you keep your Stanleys like this, then you are either a dealer, or have hoarding issues, or both!

Frankly, I think that keeping these moulding planes in an original Starret display case is just rubbing it in.

Then Patrick took us on a tour of the inner sanctum. His private collection.

One could spend weeks in here. Patrick has a variety of old chests and collections that he refuses to break up. Good on you Patrick.

He pointed out with pride these salesman sample books of ivory rules.

I left Patrick's with a simple froe blade, secure in the knowledge that if I ever need a tool, any tool, I know where I can get it.


Anonymous said...

You are lucky to live so close to "the pusher".

Or maybe I'm lucky I don't live so close. Well, my wallet is lucky, anyway...

Peter Galbert said...

I know, I'm surprised that I got out of there so cheap, alas, my poor companion lives thousands of miles away and fell head first into the abyss. Truthfully, I'm jealous, he got a great deal on that chest!

Tee said...

That guy could open another Shelburne(VT) Museum with all those tools.

Glen Rundell said...

It's very dark in here........ ( the abyss )

My wife is unimpressed carrying around a 608 Bedrock in our suitcase.

My four year old doesn't understand why I need a 14" x 3" framing Slick with a 2' handle.

...ahhh, tool heaven is alive in Ashby, MA. Thanks for the great week Pete.

Peter Galbert said...

as I said,I'm just jealous, especially of that 608!
I hope that other box gets to you,let me know,
cheers, see you soon,

Eames Lounge Chair said...

Awesome tools!

Seats And Chairs said...

Wow ! i like your idea its really awesome and i like your photo collection too thanks for sharing.