Saturday, September 14, 2013

Tools, Up and Down

I have lots of new stuff to talk about on the tool front. I figured that I would begin by announcing that the price of my Galbert Calipers is now $59.99. I finally sold enough to justify reducing the price and I hope folks take advantage of it.
Recently, I was thrilled to see Greg Penningtons Caliper that he has used for years. It's pretty beat up looking, a fine tribute to its constant use! Here is a link to Greg turning a baluster.

The other side of things is that the travishers made by Claire Minihan are going to go up in price after our appearance at Woodworking in America in October. It isn't a light decision and honestly, we've let it go for too long. These tools are outstanding and even at $245 for the walnut and $295 for the curly maple, they are a great value. You can contact me at to get on the list before the price increases on Oct 21st.

A few months back, I made a video of myself using the travishers, figuring that it might be helpful and that it would give a good view of the quality of the tool. I didn't post it because I thought that it might not be the best representation of the tool because folks would think "Of course he can get it to work, he designed it!".

When I was teaching recently in Connecticut, I looked around and noticed that the students using Claires travishers were handling them like pros, even though they had never picked up a travisher in their lives. So I shot some footage of them and that is what you'll see in the video. I added the footage of myself so that you might pick up some slightly more advanced technique.

If the video isn't above, click here to watch it. It's great to see the students do so well with a tool that I used to see folks cursing at. I especially love the sound as it shears across the end grain!
There is lots more news to tell coming soon.


Kevin said...

Hi Pete, I love using your tavisher and reamer...does this mean the adze is getting close?

Take care,

Bern said...

I could watch those pleasant to carve American pines being travished all night.

Peter Galbert said...

we are getting close on the adze so stay tuned!

Get ahold of some huon and get shaving!

Unknown said...

Hi Peter,
The caliper looks cool and the video really shows the advantages. Can you share how this device came to be?
Thanks, Jim