Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Reamers are Here!

I'm very pleased to announce that we have gotten the process down for producing the adjustable 6 degree tapered reamer.
I am fortunate to be working with Tim Manney to produce these. Tim is a gifted chairmaker and has worked with some of the best woodworkers in the country. He brings a lot to the table.
He has taken the design and process and pushed them to a level far beyond my expectations. The tool not only functions better than any reamer that I've used, but it's absolutely beautiful. 
Besides the precision machined parts, the key to the performance of the reamer is the adjuster screw. It's a simple mechanism that is easy to reach and can dial in a depth of cut so that you can get smoother mortises and more control over the tool, regardless of the material. When set properly, this reamer glides past the end grain, and even better, no fussing with little shims behind the blade to adjust the cut.

 The top of the body is a straight cylinder for measuring with a bevel square and has a brass point for easy sighting and durability.

One unexpected benefit of our process is that the shavings don't jam between the blade and the kerf. Shavings build up in the channels like they are suppose to and fall out when you pull the tool from the hole, so you don't have to constantly remove the blade from the body to clear them.

 One other feature that I wanted for personal reasons was a removable handle. I don't know about you, but I haven't met a toolbox yet that could accommodate a reamer, and with my traveling, I really wanted a simple way to mount the handle. So, being a reamer, it made perfect sense to use a taper to lock it in place.
It's a subtle little taper that works great thanks to the precise fit of the rest of the handle. A quick tap on the workbench and it's set, another tap and it slides right out.
Forgive me if I am gushing on this one, but Tim has really hit it out of the park.
We are offering these at $110 (plus $10 shipping). If you would like to get your name on the list, please contact me at
Thanks in advance for your patience.


Greg Pennington said...

Hey Pete,
I am excited about this reamer. I was shocked how much better it worked than the old saw blade reamer when I used your prototype you brought to Marc Adams school last year. This one is sweet and the reamer to have!!

Peter Galbert said...

Thanks Greg,
I am excited to get these out!

Anonymous said...

thanks for share...

Stuart D. Martin said...

Thanks for sharing Greg! This an exciting Reamer.

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