Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Back in the Saddle

As usual, summertime has been a tough time to sit down and keep up with all that's happening in the shop. But what's unusual is all the peripheral activity that has taken up my time. House selling and buying is one long stomach ache inducing activity! But enough of that, I'm taking refuge in building a settee.

I've never bothered to build a long steambox, so I simply bend the long arm one half at a time. I let the first side sit for about a week before bending the other. I am very pleased with the quality of this red oak.

Recently, I finished these two Birdcage armchairs. I'll take some detail shots next.

For a simple break after these two complex chairs, I built this walnut stool. I am hoping to start producing more of these.

They have just the right balance of fun to make, quick, and a satisfying conclusion.

It seems that Lily is having a tougher summer than usual, she broke a blood vessel in her ear and is stuck in the "space dog" mode. I've never seen her so bummed.

But Sue is thriving here in Massachusetts, we've been enjoying all the trails and scenic beauty of our new region, not to mention the raspberry patch!


Tee said...

Your work is absolutely beautiful. Those birdcage chairs are awesome.

So sorry little Lily is under the weather. Hope she will soon be fully recovered.

P.S. How are the goats?

Peter Galbert said...

thanks! Lil is doing a bit better and has gotten used to her cone and the goats are thriving!

Anonymous said...

Great stool. Is that kiln dried walnut?

Peter Galbert said...

Yep, it's kiln dried, but the bend is subtle.

John said...

I love the birdcage chairs... What a great project. Poor Lily!

Peter Galbert said...

Thanks John, Lil is doing alright, she finally got used to the cone. I love making the birdcages, they are a great challenge!

Jerry said...

You did a great job! Love your stool too!