Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Smart Moves

Here is Dan Monsees a couple of weeks ago splitting out some stock. This is Dan's third go round with me and I was impressed by his choice to make a simpler, rather than more complex piece. Perhaps you remember his triple back sack back from last fall. His choice really opened up our time together to cover some of the finer points as well as some extra topics. I really enjoyed it, it was a smart move on Dan's part, his other smart move being to use the snow to hold his split stock!

Sorry for the delay in announcing the winner of the last spoon drawing. It was John McAlevey. In a moment you'll understand the delay better.

Anyone who has read the blog for a while, knows that Sue and I have hewn a little paradise out of the wilderness here, so it might be a surprise to hear that we are moving. Sue got a new job at a fantastic library in central Massachusetts and we will be living there as of next week. We've rented an 1832 farmhouse with a barn for my shop and yes, room for our goats, dogs and chickens. Finding the right rental house for our strange needs seemed like it would be impossible, but we did it in a morning! Plus it's right down the road from Sue's new library. I like to think that it's a good omen.

Here are some photos of the new Library. It's the Gale Free Library in Holden MA.

It's a beautiful historic building and she will be it's new director. She deserves this.
Check out the front doors!

Besides being the Chair notes covergirl, Sue is exemplary at her job. She interviewed at a number of libraries in many states and was offered every job. We felt that this one was the right job in the right area.

I'll post more about the new digs soon.

Here are some photos of the finished rocker in Walnut. One day I hope to own one myself.

So, life moves on. It's been an interesting and emotional ride uprooting from our home in New York. But it's brought back into focus for Sue and I that embracing change can be invigorating, as well as daunting. We are sad to leave our good friends here, but past moves have taught us that good friendships travel well.

Thanks to all of my students who have been so understanding and changed their travel destinations, the new shop is actually larger, plus it has a goat room in it, and what could be better than that!


Robert Francis said...

It looks like we will be fairly close to each other where as I'm in Pembroke,Ma perhaps we could get together sometime I have always admired your work. Bob

Richard Francis said...

You will be nearer to me too, which I hope means more Maine visits....but not as close as John McAlevey!

Peter Galbert said...

Richard and Robert (Franci)
I'd welcome visits! We are very excited about the proximity to new places and friends, thanks for commenting,

Marty Studer said...

Sounds like an adventure. Not sure I would want to contemplate moving my shop, looks like yours might be better organized than mine though.

Great article in FWW on your rocker. Looking forward to the next article.

Anonymous said...

Not just a pretty face eh?

Anonymous said...

Seems like that all happened fast! ...probably seems even faster for you. Hope the new place has access to good spoon trees. Erik B.

Tee said...

I can't think of anything better than having a goat room!

Congrats to Sue on the new job. However, you are so right about leaving being so hard. I can't imagine moving from here (we've been here 34 years) and having to move Kerry's shop--what a nightmare. It was like an explosion in a mattress factory just trying to paint it. Those beautiful doors on the library would be a great invitation to visit.

Peter Galbert said...

you bet it seems fast, but it's really been brewing for quite some time. I need to get together to return your spooncarving book! Gimme a call,

Peter Galbert said...

Yep, moving the shop is about as fun as a root canal, but luckily we chairmakers have few big power tools!

Anonymous said...

You lucky fellow, your new village looks to be in the middle of a forest - no shortage of spoon stuff there then. Not far from Brooklyn either, so next time I visit my son Will I'll try to get up to see you and the goats - I used to have a couple of 'em when I was a lad.

Peter Galbert said...

Flying Shavings,
I'd welcome a visit. I have been enjoying your blog, keep it up!

I'm excited to have the goats right next door, we'll see if they scream at me all day! Hopefully my new neighbors don't have keen hearing.

nielscosman said...

Good Luck with the move!
I moved to Boston in the fall, but my studio is still in Brooklyn, until April. I am NOT looking forward to moving, but I am looking to my shop to be 215 mi closer to my bed :)

Peter Galbert said...

the moving is rough, but it's a grounding reminder that all is temporary and to focus on the real important stuff, you know, like having enough tape! Good luck with your move,

Dean said...

Congratulations to Sue for the new job! The library building looks amazing.

Good Luck with the packing and moving.

As you find things you have little use for, just crate them up and ship them to me.

Items accepted here include: tools, furniture (epecially Pete Galbert originals), more carved spoons, jigs, fixtures, etc.

Always glad to help!


Peter Galbert said...

thanks, I'll be sure to set all those items aside for you!

Andrew Jack said...

you go girl.

John said...

Sounds like things are on the up and up. I hope the new move goes well.

Unknown said...

Peter, I was wandering do you do anything different to the ribs when you make them from walnut. I assume they are not as strong as something like hickory or oak..

Peter Galbert said...

yes, I do use walnut differently. I leave it thicker to preserve the strength. Even though it is sawed, I choose very straight grained wood, and coupled with the strength given by the bending, they work just fine, Great question!