Friday, February 11, 2011

Silky Goes National

The article that I wrote for Fine Woodworking has finally reached the printed page! It's about my crested rocker and will span two issues. When Mark Schofield suggested that we take my profile photo with my one day old goat, I assured him that it was one way to guarantee a big dumb smile. He said that dogs had become passe, but a goat, now that's worth printing.

Speaking of the crested rocker, here is one made by Walt Crawford here in my shop this week.

I had a great time teaching it, actually, more than I'd expected. Walt did a fine job and had made enough chairs to really appreciate the places where this chair diverges from the norm.
I have more spoons to post for the Hunger Project, but Walt kept me running this week, so stay tuned.


Tee said...

I agree dogs are passe. The choice of the kid was a brilliant idea.

jaupnort said...

Dogs may be passé to the photo journalist and some others but as a couple of man's best friends are running about my feet they will never have that classification to me.
However a goat has to be an neat pet as well, and worthy of being shown next to you Peter.
The chair makes my mouth water, really neat!!
Is Fine Woodworking on the stands yet? Not there earlier in the week.

stjones said...

Just read the article - an addition to my bottomless project list. Congratulations!

Mike Hamilton said...

Just got my FWW and will go directly to your article.
Interesting tidbits to be gleaned from the pics in this posting - testing the rocker on a stone slab and perfecting the sit with wedges.
Thank you so much for freely sharing!


Peter Galbert said...

I agree that dogs are hardly passe, I think that it's the profile photos of them that are discouraged. Who knows, maybe we'll start seeing contributors standing next to their emu! The magazine should be on the stand soon.

If you go to a local granite countertop installer, they will have plenty of sink cut outs for sale, cheap!

Tee said...

Kerry just returned from one of his many trips to Lowe's and had the latest copy of "Fine Woodworking Magazine." He flipped open the magazine to your article and my first response was, "where's Silky?" Now that I've located the photo of you and Silky I'll turn over and read your article.

Peter Galbert said...

I think my favorite part is the Silky photo. She is thriving and I hope to get her milking next year!