Tuesday, April 6, 2010


With the advent of spring, all sorts of things seem to be happening all at once. We recently went to the annual Woodworking Showcase hosted by the Northeastern Woodworker Association. I managed to get some work done while demonstrating my caliper to the attendees. For those interested, the next production run is in process and I hope to have more soon.

Although there are no tools that I lack for my profession, I still can't resist a rare and well made inshave. I bought this one from Don Flaws at the show. The angle of the handles and curve of the blade are just about perfect, now to convince a manufacturer!

In the next post, I'll show how I brought this tool back into working condition. I gather from the slightly inconsistent bend that this may have been made to order by a blacksmith rather than part of a production run of tools.

Here is the Chairnotes covergirl taking a well earned break on the local mushroom bench.

Before we left, I put a chair in the fuming tent for a client who wanted it extra dark. I couldn't resist this shot. The chair came out of the tent a strange sickly gray color, but after adding the oil and a few days, it became a rich chocolate brown.

And for those following the progress of the animals, here is our little pregnant Maggie (due any day now) learning the ropes of her new milking stand. I'm thrilled to be adding dairy to our food production, especially since the warm weather killed the sugaring season prematurely.


R Francis said...

Talk to Sam at Ray Iles about making his scorp the same as the one you bought. I like mine a lot and know that Ray likes to tinker.

Peter Galbert said...

Thanks Richard, that's a good thought, I'll give them a call.

Don said...

Gorgeous fuming tent photo Pete. Miss you guys.

Unknown said...


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