Saturday, February 6, 2010

Distant Cousins

What's that about the cobblers children having no shoes? Well, in my house there are plenty of places to park yourself, but for 6 years since we built the house, we've been lacking proper kitchen cabinets. So finally, out come the brad nailer, pocket holer, birch ply and wood filler!

When I built the house, I was careful to follow a "rustic" farmhouse aesthetic, which basically means that I can slam the stuff out, paint it a couple of times and it just oozes authenticity.
The smell of the plywood cutting on the tablesaw was like a time machine, I used to spend most of my time ripping up the stuff and putting it back together. It was a melancholy moment, but not without fond memories.

These days, I'm overly busy with all sorts of different projects which would seem to make this one take an even lower priority, but I've found that sometimes I just need a distraction from all the "important" stuff to make time pass a bit easier. Plus, in the big picture, all the chairs will leave, but the cabinets will stick around. Now what's more important!?

Even though I know that my lovely bride would have embraced these cabinet years ago, she has never once asked me to add the project to my list, preferring to share a bit more free time with me. Just one more reminder that I've made at least one good choice in my life!
So this morning, I'll head into the cold shop to finish the cabinets, while she is taking a three legged beagle on the first leg of its trip to the new home that she found for it. Ike, Good luck on your journey to Cape Cod, not a bad retirement for an ol' hunting dog.


Anonymous said...


please do show install and finish images of this project also, if you will.



Anonymous said...

Hi Pete , whats the chair sitting on ? . MiM .and a very nice looking chair it is .

Peter Galbert said...

I'll put them up when it's done, otherwise I might never finish em!

The chair is on a piece of granite that I've leveled so that I can get the real feel for the rockers. My shop floor is horrendously out of flat and level, I should know, I built it.