Monday, December 15, 2008

My Hero

Here is a very victorious Chairnotes covergirl after saving the lives of our chickens from a marauding hawk.

I was in the shop and Sue stopped in for her normal "I'm home, give me the dogs". As she was walking back to the house, I heard a crazy ruckus and the "drop everything" tone in her voice. I ran outside to see Sue, the dogs, a chicken and a massive hawk in a scene of total chaos. Sue charging the hawk, feathers flying, dogs going berserk, chickens running.

When the feathers settled, we counted one chicken hiding in the woodshed and three under the porch, but we have 5 chickens. Now, every story that I've ever heard the starts with "we had chickens" ends with a gruesome tale of blood and feathers, so I was prepared for the fact that we lost one. But then Sue remembered seeing one run past the door of the shop while we chatted, and sure enough, tucked under the far end of the workshop was number 5. So our gals hid the rest of the day, and perhaps we won't get our 3 eggs tomorrow (hey, it was traumatic for all of us), but for now, we are all safe in our houses.

I am working on a video to demonstrate the drilling technique that I use for the perch, after all, xmas is coming and we have a deadline!

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Kari Hultman said...

Yea! I love happy endings. And I'm sure that chicken #5 does, too.