Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A New Look

Having made countless chairs with stylized bamboo legs, I felt like it was time for a change. The double bobbin (commonly called bamboo turnings) can look very formal and bear only the slightest resemblance to the plant. A chair destined for the kitchen, as opposed to the dining room, calls for less formal treatment. So the bar chair that I made recently for my own kitchen seemed like a great candidate to try some more playful color and techniques.

As I have been watching spring happen all around me, I've become aware of the pleasing effect that all the green has on my psyche. The green in the mix is a much more blue green as opposed to yellow green. The goal was to create a naturalistic looking bamboo, no more allusion, just straight up imitation. I am reminded of the demonstration that I saw a few years ago at Williamsburg of the actual lead paint used on early Windsors. It was the most intense day-glo green you can imagine!

I learned a lot painting the chair and hope that by having such a striking color around, it opens the door to other new adventures in painting.

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Anonymous said...

Looks great!