Monday, March 24, 2008

Well Done

Here is Bill Jenkins putting the finishing touches on his chair this week. I must admit to always taking pride in my students work. As far as I am concerned, it is still a chair made in my shop and a reflection of both of us. Bill and I worked together very closely to get this difficult chair made (although he did the actual work).

Teaching is always the last step in understanding and this chair is no exception. I have made many of them, but teaching it forced me to refine the process greatly, and for that I am thankful. Now I have simple and elegant steps to achieve the piece. Thanks Bill.

Here is the final piece. It's interesting to see that little differences that a different craftsman will make without even knowing it.

In response to questions about unpainted work. I have not made a chair out of a singe wood, not that I am opposed, I simply haven't. The part that concerns me is the spindles, but I am currently working towards making an all white oak chair, except for the butternut seat, that I hope to fume in ammonia to get that rich color.
As much as too harsh a contrast or too many variant woods may distract from the overall design, I think that using only one wood may seem bland, but good design should make up for that!

On the syrup front, I have made close to 5 gallons and am planning only another burn or two. Now I proceed into the final joy of making syrup, delivering it to my friends!

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