Friday, December 7, 2007

Gouge Rehab Pt.2

Here is the inside of the gouge after polishing and blunting. I had to use some 320 grit sandpaper wrapped around a dowel to get to the bottom of the pitting. I then followed with some 400 grit and went to my buffing wheel. I used the Bear-tex rubber wheel and then a hard felt wheel with some buffing compound. I have become an advocate of buffing ever since I got a Bear-tex wheel. It cuts somewhere between a fine grinder and a felt buffer.

Here is the blunted edge before grinding. As you can see, the last time that I ground it, I did so in the "standard" way.

Now I like to grind freehand and sideways, foregoing any hollow grind. Because a slight rounding over of the edge helps the tool exit the cuts, I prefer to keep the bevel flat from heel to toe. I'll show the grind next.

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