Sunday, October 5, 2014


I was talking to my brother the other day and had to tell him that while I enjoyed hearing from him, he will not here anything different from me for a few weeks. I'm drawing.
Here are the portfolios housing the nearly completed drawings for the upcoming book. I think there are somewhere around 350 of them.

The old adage about a person who defends themselves in court having a fool for a client might also apply to illustrating ones own book. There have been many times that I cursed myself for taking the project down this path, but now that I am nearly done, and have learned so much about how effective illustrations can be in relating process, I am nothing but excited. Every time that I've thought, "this might be easier to take a photograph", I've realized that I could give much more information or clarity in a drawing. Hopefully the reader will agree.

This project has been hugely cathartic to me, not that I needed more catharsis this year. It's been a great chance to take stock of the last 15 years of learning, making and teaching. In a way, it feels like I am clearing the slate for more information in my own head. But for now, here I am, all day, everyday, drawing. The book should be in the hands of the designer within a few weeks and we hope to the printers soon after.


Steve Kirincich said...

Hi Peter,
Sounds like your book will be a good deal at any price. The drawings are wonderful! Have you left the Commonwealth?


Scott B. Garrison said...

Pete where I would normally agree with you on "representing oneself" I have to say that it is very hard to get into one's head and to understand what they truly mean. A written description is susceptible to a lot more interpretation than the author might intend. If you have the ability to sketch that well, you will be able to get your ideas across so much easier with these sketches.

Waiting patiently for your book and my second-sixth windsor build which may occur by next Spring based on that 12 inch hickory I have to take down soon


Bern said...

Congrats Pete! It is incredibly exciting that all that work is coming to fruition.

Bill Palmer said...

Pete, we await your book like a bunch of young "birdlings" wanting to be fed. Geterdone!

Anonymous said...

Excited about the book!....Like the gum band idea to find center on the leg sketch! This publication will be a big help for a beginner like myself.

Steve Ratliff said...

Pete, I can't wait for your book. Thanks in advance!


Glen Rundell said...

Charlie's hands eh Pete? Funny you know I was only thinking how delicate and well manicured they looked…..

Unknown said...

Well done Pete. Will get my hands on your book definitely. Thanks!

tempat tidur minimalis said...

wonderful post

Bill Palmer said...

Does Charlie have six fingers on his right hand?

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

Just got your book and wow is it fantastic. Love the drawings and the down to earth style. It's so helpful and applies to exactly the type of stuff I like to do - working with hand tools. Thanks for the incredible resource!
Trying to make a brian boggs style rocker for my father in-law with a tree we got off his farm. I was a little troubled when i saw the drawing of what to avoid for splitting wood when the picture looked exactly like the log i got! (great sketch by the way) HAHA. I'm gonna make it work, but now i know why it is difficult!