Friday, October 24, 2014

Have coffee with me

This weekend, PBS will be airing the episode of Rough Cut that I made last spring here in Sterling. Tommy and the crew did a great job and worked hard to represent the craft of chairmaking. For some, it will air on Saturday morning, so coffee up, sit back and lemme know what you think. And rest assured, even if you don't like it, my Mother will love it.

Here are a couple more teasers for the upcoming book. I am just a few days from finishing all the drawings and am finally getting the hang of it (of course). The designer is working up some samples and it should be firmly in her hands in a week or two.
 Spending 3 days drawing drill bits can make one feel a bit odd.
 There are some images, such as the variety of leg styles, where surface quality calls for a slightly more rendered appearance.


Siavosh said...

Can't wait for the book!

Siavosh said...

Can't wait for the book!

Graham said...

Glad to hear you're so close to finishing the drawings. They look great, very expressive in a way I doubt could be achieved with photographs (if that makes any sense). I'm very much looking forward to your book.

Bill Palmer said...

The last reasonably priced Spofford Brace will disappear from ebay sometime in December. Thanks Pete!

Frank Strazza said...

Peter, your drawings are inspirational! I can't wait till the book comes out, I will buy it just to look at the drawings, and maybe to make some more chairs!

Keep up the great work.

Peter Galbert said...

Thanks for the encouragement!
Bill, I think they'll still be around, I ain't Schwarz!

Unknown said...

I am so bummed. They don't air the windsor chair episode on my PBS station. Well at least it doesn't show it on the schedule up until November. Maybe we will get it eventually. :(

Bern said...

Would it be possible to watch it online Pete, Caleb?

Larry said...

I watched Roughtcut with you and Tommy Mac this morning building the windsor chair. It was really a good show. I really enjoyed it. My wife was a little disappointed though because she did not see any goats in the background.

Shannon said...

I can't wait for this book. These illustrations scream Eric Sloane I can think of no higher compliment.

Peter Galbert said...

the goats were there, but they were busy writing the show!

Thanks Shannon, that is high praise and I have certainly been working to bring his liveliness into the illustrations

bowyerboy said...

I thoroughly enjoyed the Rough Cut episode. However, I believe it has to be the most dangerous show Tommy has made because it has me about half convinced I could make a Windsor chair. I think your book will push me over the edge, so take your time. It will extend the time until my wife smothers me in my sleep for starting yet another project. (Just kidding, of course.)

Peter Galbert said...

Thanks Bowyerboy,
I would be proud to shove you down the slippery slope of chairmaking!

Unknown said...

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