Friday, June 24, 2011

More Curtis

In case you haven't found it on yet, here are some more installments of Curtis building his signature comb back. So get a cup of coffee, turn your screen so your boss can't see it, and enjoy your morning!


Steve Kirincich said...

Good stuff. I keep telling myself that watching videos on the internet is somewhat more honorable than television. Thanks!

Tee said...

Thank you for sharing Curtis with all of us. You both bring so much light and encouragement on what you know and have learned about chair making. Glad that Mass. is working out for you and cover girl. Tee says she needs to get a report on Maggie and the gang with lots of pictures.
Thank you,
Tee's hubby

Anonymous said...

Wow, I admire that splitting routine. I am usually too casual and end up wasting a bunch of good wood. I was tired watching him, though - lot of work!

Anonymous said...

Excellent videos! Very demonstrative, especially on the use of the froe. Also an impressive demonstration of how the greeenwood chairmaker develops an intimate knowledge of the particular piece of wood he's using from raw logs on. The constant attention to the fibers themselves and all. Will be looking for the next episodes!


Unknown said...

Keep 'em coming! THANKS