Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Rhythm

Every summer, I find myself more drawn to doing things away from the computer, so the blog suffers...but it's not for lack of interesting action, as a matter of fact, I've got a whole backlog of topics that I am trying to muster the self discipline to post!

Getting used to life in Massachusetts has been a rollercoaster, not just for me. The chickens had a large in barn coop, but I couldn't stand to see them indoors, so I built a new summer tractor for them. I have to move it every day or they completely obliterate the lawn.

In a past post, I spoke disparagingly of red oak, noting that I was probably experiencing a regional deficiency. Well, no such trouble here. I've found a great resource for logs (JB Sawmill in Hopkinton) and they have some lovely red oak. As you can see, it bent very nicely.

When I bent this, I thought to myself, "OK, I can live here".

Below are my first students in the new shop. Jerry and Steve. We had a fine time and the shop served us well. I'm surprised to say that I am as pleased with this shop as with the one that I built. It actually has one advantage, northern exposure. This means that I can turn out the lights and use a raking light easily, which makes surface flaws much easier to see.

Next year, they are bringing another family member into the mix.

Following up on my recent posts about felt, I keep finding new uses. Clamping the shaped backs of fan and combbacks has always presented a problem. The ear is thin and too weak for clamping, which leaves the next thickest part, which is the transition from the ear to the back. I used to have some carved clamp pads, but now I just use the thick felt.

You can see the impression made by the arris. I've found that popping the felt pads in the steamer for 10 minutes will swell them back to square and they are ready to use anew.

About the only thing missing from the shop, was my trusty companion, so I removed the old horse stall door and installed it as a half door on the main entrance to the shop.

Now Lil and Rocket can come and go from the house as they wish (Rocket of course stays in the house, on the bed)


DanMonsees said...

Great picture of my girlfriend Lillly.....

Steve Kirincich said...

I did not know that Brad Pitt was travelling in cognito with his Dad?

robert francis said...

I don't know where you find time to post my blog gets so neglected its not funny.

Peter Galbert said...

she's waiting for you!

It must have been the white hair that threw you off;)

I know that feeling. When I don't post for a while, I start to get antsy, I don't know about you folks, but I miss it!

Anonymous said...

Receiving your posts is like a slow deep breath. Grounding. Much like listenting to Ray LaMontagne.

Tee said...

How is Maggie and the kids?

Peter Galbert said...

Thanks Craig, believe it or not, the chairmaker's life has it's own set of stresses, but I am always striving for calm.

Mags and the kids are doing great. They are fat on fresh pasture and I am excited to think that our little Silky will be in milk next spring!!

Anonymous said...

Great picture
beautiful chair lovely dog, hope it doesn't miss you too much when you are in Oz.
What would you rate the area of your new abode for tourist/family attractions
Keep posting