Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year, New Projects

I've got lots of exciting new endeavors happening this year, beginning with the publications of a two part article in Fine Woodworking. The articles detail building my Crested Rocker in fumed oak. There is loads of information and photos. Like so many woodworkers, Fine Woodworking has informed a great deal of my woodworking education and I'm proud to be a part of it. Look for the part one of the article in the February issue.

There will also be some videos to go along with the article to help clarify some of the techniques.

This morning, the Chair Notes covergirl picked the winner of the Spoons for Hunger project out of a hat (that she knit). Thanks to all those who offered to purchase the spoon. As I posted before, I'll be donating all of the proceeds to charities that work to alleviate hunger. The proceeds from this sale will go to Heifer International where they will purchase chickens for families. I know first hand how productive these animals can be and I think that their level of self sufficiency is a great attribute. I am still interested in learning about other organizations with similar goals.

This year I'll be hosting 4 person classes at my workshop here in New York. The first one in June is all ready filled and I'm considering scheduling another for this August. Kelly Mehler had so many folks sign up for the wait list of my fan back class that we added a second week. I'm also returning to the North Bennet Street School in July to teach a 7 day armchair class. I'm already looking forward to the North End pastries!

Below is the Covergirl with her pal Joey on her birthday!


Have a happy and healthy New Year!


Christopher said...

Wow, sounds like many great things are happening.

Full marks to you for both the idea of a project for charity, and the choice of recipient. I think it complements the way that you've been generous with information to other woodworkers. Kudos!

James said...

Even though we haven't talked in quite sometime I always look forward to your entries. Sawyer and I are heading east this year, I hope we can get together. Keep up the great work and it looks like I'll have to buy a couple of issues of Fine Woodworking. Happy New Year!

Tee said...

AWWW. You know I love the photos of the animals. Cover Girl Happy Birthday!

greg said...

Happy New Year to you and your wife! Thanks so much for doing this blog, and giving so much back to the craft. You are an inspiration.

John said...

Happy New Year! Looking forward to your class in Berea!

jaupnort said...

I am so pleased to hear of your support of Heifer Intl. Let me hitchhike on that a bit by mentioning what my wife and I reply when the kids ask what we want for b'day or Christmas. The answer, "A gift to Heifer Intl."
If just one person reads this and follows suit great.
Your acts of sharing both with your professional expertise and other things we are not aware of are wonderful testimony to the kind of person you are.
The chair that is coming to Fine Woodworking. I want one. I'll never escsape from my shop. Call it back order city.
John A

Peter Galbert said...

Thanks for the New Year Wishes, I'm looking forward to a productive year of horsing around in the shop! I'll be sure to let you all know if anything interesting happens,

Anonymous said...

Will there be patterns to build your rocker in the finewood working article? I hope. (This is a question from your September 2011 student.)


Peter Galbert said...

Yep, there will be patterns and measured drawings!

Anonymous said...