Sunday, November 4, 2007

Thanks CFA

Yesterday I had 15 visitors to the shop for the CFA sponsored workshop. It turned out to be the perfect number of visitors for the size of my shop. We covered all the big basics, sharpening, splitting, shaving, bending, turning, carving. I was happy to see that the ages and genders of the participant varied greatly.

It is always fun for me to show the basic techniques in chairmaking to an unitiated crowd. It's easy to forget how unusual it is to see wood taken from a log and transformed into a chair. Luckily the bend went smoothly and the turning came off without a catch!

I am considering offering a shorter version of my standard class for those who can't muster the entire week off. It would be a two or three day perch (stool) making class that will focus on the tools and basics of seat carving and assembly. On that note, I will be teaching a five day class at the Peters Valley Craft School in New Jersey next June. The class will make tall stools with backs (barstools) and focus on the use and maintainance of handtools.

Thanks again to Ryan and the folks at CFA for organizing and transporting the participants yesterday, we should do it again next year.

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