Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Frankenchair brought to Life

Here is a photo of the finished prototype of my "frankenchair". I am pleased with the new techniques, designs and finish that I tried with it. In trying to simplify the joinery around the armpost and crest, I found the opportunity to play with some new shapes and ideas about how these things go together.

I wanted to give the side posts a lighter more flexible feeling, without looking flimsy. After deciding to use a tapered tenon into the crest, I searched for a precedent. I couldn't find much and realized that the top is really a hybrid of the rod back and the fan back. I plan to make one like it with a rod back or birdcage top.

Below is an image of the unpainted chair from above. It shows the shaping of the crest rail that echoes the arms. I will post images of the finish, a variation on the black on red and the recipe for mixing the paint.

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Anonymous said...


I love the new chair. Nice lines! I am glad to see your work keeps evolving. Keep it up...

Chris in Colorado