Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Empty Nest...soon

I've been finishing up these three little youth chairs lately. They have a presence that's hard to ignore, something about the fine details and scale makes them stand out. Soon they'll all be gone, and as much as I look forward to the extra space in the shop and less risk of damaging finished pieces while working, I"ll miss em.
I've been posting pics to instagram for a while, frankly it's much more of a hit and run easy way to post, but I just got a new laptop, so here I am in the shop, sitting in my new rocker typing away, hopefully the ease will help get me back in the blog game. Here are the ears before and after burnishing and oiling.
 Besides lots of chairs, I've been working on making a shop dog of Kobe. He's no scruffy shop dog, but as long as I keep a space heater on him and give him a bed, he's good company.
I'll be teaching in a couple of weeks at North Bennet Street, so you can see the mess I'm making doing the turnings.
We've added a class in August, which is my last one this year. I"ll spend the fall at Suny Purchase on an artist residency. This summer I'll be teaching for the first time at Lie Nielsen and shooting a video to boot. If you are going to their open house, I'll see you there!


Bern said...

Excited for you Pete. Looking forward to seeing the fruits of your sojourn.
Those three chairs are so graceful.

healthnf.com said...

I bought this same chair just two days ago and want to use it at home for computer desk. Pros: 1-really very comfortable to sit at first. 2-very good back support. 3-height adjustment is well. 4-tilting is nice. Cons: 1-wheels-lock make it impossible to move the chair aside when you are not sitting on it. 2-The synthestic leather sticks to jaens and cottons, so when you want to make just a slight move to find the sweet spot of least painful position, the friction will not allow you to do it! 3-when typing with arms not on the desk, and when your hands move front and back over the keyboard, the chair displays quite annoying back rotation, which makes typing more difficult and stressful... !!!!!!!!