Friday, June 26, 2015

Humble Home

I'm back from a great trip to the Port Townsend School of Woodworking and I'm finally settling in to my new shop space here in Boston. This is going to be my first shop in 12 years that hasn't had to do double duty as a teaching shop and tool factory. Speaking of teaching, there are only two slots still open for my August 17th chair class at North Bennet Street School, so if you're interested please check it out soon.
Here are some shot of the space, lots of air and light.

 It's the same size as my other shop, but with a storeroom in the back and higher ceilings.

Working by the front door gives a great natural raking light.

Being a lefty, the lathe is strategically placed to gather the shavings into the corner to contain the mess.
 The sharpening station  has lots of real estate and light.

 Here is the view from the storeroom and workbench area.

 I've been really enjoying making spindles in this space, as you can see.

 Here is a shot of the majestic Rhodesian Ridgeback Kobe, who I am teaching to be a shop dog, but he seems to think it's a bit beneath him.
He needs to take lessons from Lil, she's a pro.


Bill Palmer said...

"Shop Dog" is truly a special calling. Tell Kobe to get off the high horse and enjoy the benefits of soft bedding and great smells.

Bern said...

A space set up purely to make chairs (and come up with stuff that makes it easier for everyone else making chairs). What could be better?

Anonymous said...
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nbreidinger said...

I could never get either of my dogs to be good shop dogs either...perhaps they would prefer an all hand tool shop better...

Anonymous said...

I see your shavehorse is using a concentional style head. Have you decided that this is better thepan your "smart-head" design? I am building a shavehorse, and would like to know before I get to far if maybe your have rethought about what works best for holding the workpiece.

Peter Galbert said...

In my book I go into detail about the head that you are seeing. It's actually adjustable to the same degree and ease of the smarthead but I think that it's easier to build and therefore a better idea. These things evolve! The adjustable part of the head can be retro fit to any dumbhead,
good luck,

Claire Minihan said...

Shop is lookin good! Pete tested and Dill approved.