Tuesday, July 15, 2014


It is impossible to hang out with Peter Follansbee, as I did last weekend, and not come home and spend a day on the porch carving spoons.


We do things a bit differently, but he was downright inspiring. I was also thrilled to spend time with all the other great folks at the Lie-Nielsen open house. It would be difficult to convey exactly how wonderfully they treated us and how generous they were.
Here is the finished spoon, made from apple wood.

It's a good eating spoon. I would be happy to sell it for $55 and $5 shipping if anyone is interested. I'll draw names if I get more than one buyer. For the moment, I am going to keep proceeds from my spoon sales to help with the bills, but I hope to continue the Spoons for Hunger project once things settle down a bit.

Thanks to all the folks who have reached out to offer solace and comfort lately. Transitions are never easy and your kindness is much appreciated. I'm sure that quilting guilds and dog clubs are full of great folks, but I can't help but think that woodworkers are the kindest lot there is.


Jamie Bacon said...

Very nice! I love the bowls on your spoons; so thin and delicate looking. That looked like quite the all-star line-up at Lie-Nielsen last week.
By the way, Peter's the one who got me hooked on spoon carving. I'm trying to convince him to teach a spoon carving class somewhere in reasonable driving distance to me. I took a joint stool class from him at Roy's place and he's a great teacher and a joy to hang out with.

Terry Chapman said...

I would love to buy the spoon.

All the best in a difficult time, Pete.

Terry Chapman

Glen Rundell said...

Dagnabbit! Missed the tree choppin' antics by 'that' much. Nice work mate.

Bern said...

Argh! I missed the spoon! Should you discover you've forgetfully made two spoons I'll take that second one.

Kevin said...

Hi Peter, I may also be too late, but I would take the 3rd spoon if you decide to make more! Hope things are well, I took a chair class in CT back in the spring, best class ever!


Peter Galbert said...

Thanks for the comments. I drew names from a hat and the winner was Brian Buckner. I will be making more spoons and posting them soon. Thanks, I'm having fun making them, plus, I knocked out a whole chapter of illustrations today, must have been recharging making that spoon.

Philip said...

Can't wait for the book Pete, take care!

Jonny said...

Very cool! I have never seen someone carve a spoon so thin like that!