Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Nearly Free Class Available

Thanks for the responses to this post, I am going to pick a student from the folks who have already replied.

I've just gotten an email from Bob van Dyke at the Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking. One of our students for the class that begins this weekend can't make it due to a family issue. He has generously offered to pay the tuition of the class if anyone wants to fill the spot.


The only cost will be the materials fee which is less than $200. It's a great opportunity to make a continuous armchair. If I get more than one interested party, I will pull names from a hat, closing the drawing after I get the first three names to ensure that there is enough time for folks to make the proper arrangements. The class runs this Friday through Sunday and then meets again in a few weeks for another weekend. You can see all the details on the CVSW website.


Rick Lapp said...

Well I'll take the spot if it's still available. Rick

Rick Lapp said...

I'll still take the spot

Anonymous said...

The generosity of the windsor chair community never ceases to amaze me. -JamieR

Peter Galbert said...

thanks. I've filled the spot. I hope you can make it another time,

Bill Palmer said...

Pete: I'm happy to think you'll be sleeping at home next week!

Sherrill Graff owner said...

Such a beautiful chair. I saw your work on PBS and was impressed enough to find your blog. Thank you for the inspiration. Sherrill Graff BC NV