Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Letter of Note

I just returned from a trip to New Jersey to celebrate the engagement of my little sister Sloane. 
I have a very mixed up family tree and there are plenty of people in it with whom I don't share any biology but I do share a great deal of history. One of those people is my grandfather Ken Glemby.

Ken Glemby

I credit Ken with sparking my interest in woodworking and I benefited greatly from the hours of caring and sharing that he gave to me. He used to build model airplanes, not the kind that go on a shelf, but the kind that have 4-6 foot wingspans and actually fly. It's appropriate because he was a WW2 fighter pilot who flew over the Battle of the Bulge. He never spoke much about his service, but in recent years, as he approached and passed 90 years old, he has opened up and told more stories. It's really astounding what this man did in his early 20's.

Ken Today

After the 3 hour drive home, I sat down to unwind with one of my favorite websites called Letters of Note. The latest entry struck me because it instantly reminded me of the care, humor and humility that I've been so impressed by in my lifetime privilege of knowing Ken, I hope you read and enjoy it.


Ben said...

I follow, and appreciate, your blog, but I rarely comment on it (or any other that I follow). I also follow Letters of Note, and sent that post to everyone I know as soon as I had read it. It is just astoundingly beautiful. Glad to know we feel the same way.

Anonymous said...


Love the story, what a wonderful man.

Always looking forward to your notes.

Windsor Chair Maker
Brighton Woodshop
Raymond, Maine

Tee said...

Loved this post. It so reminds me of my dad who was on the ground fighting in the Battle of the Bulge. How I would love to talk to my dad about his experiences during the war. He's been gone since 1967.

Robyn said...


I showed your post to Ken. He was very touched. This was a very emotional weekend for all of us as you can well imagine.

We have never used biology as a barometer of our love. Nor have we ever been limited by labels.

We are the lucky ones who have been blessed by the presence of you in our family.

Mom #2

Peter Galbert said...

Thanks for the comments. Folks like Ken are national treasures, just being around him is inspiring.

Tee said...

Folks like Ken are part of the greatest generation.

Bob Jones said...


Great post. Also reminded me of my Dad (passed in 2012) who was in the Pacific in 1947 during WWII. His destroyer escort was nearly overturned by a typhoon. He was only 17. He also spoke very little about it. He inspired his children and grandchildren to always seek out a better way.