Monday, October 8, 2012

Deep Breaths

Fall is here, the leaves are everywhere and the smell of the first fires fills the air. I am loving the transition. I've been plotting and planning to wrap up my responsibilities so that I can spend my time working on my book. Hopefully about this time next year, I am going to be publishing my first book with Lost Art Press. I am writing and illustrating the book which will be a foundation book on chairmaking. This project began years ago, in collaboration with Curtis Buchanan, and has stalled and revved multiple times. Finally, Curtis and I decided to pursue separate projects (you have seen his videos, right!?) and with our different approaches to chair making and communication, I think that we both stand a better chance of seeing the projects through to completion.

So, with lots of text left to write and drawings to produce, I've got my plate full. The only tough part is of course the pull of the workshop at the other end of the house. I've been satisfying my shop needs by finishing the walnut chair that I posted about. With each coat, I see new possibilities for future work.

I am enjoying the gouge marks more than I had expected.

 And this stile to crest joint has me thinking about a dining chair that I've had in mind.

I had to shake it out of my skull and into wood so that I could get back to the computer.

Later today, Jon Binzen, from Fine Woodworking, is coming by to finish up some details for the back cover that they are doing about my shop for the Tools and Shops issue that is coming out in a few weeks. I am very excited to be featured. Jon is a pleasure to work with and always makes me feel like I am far more interesting than I deserve, talk about skill!


Robert said...

Pete - Hope all is well. Walnut chair looks impresive. Again, glad I choose to go with Walnut for my project.The look and finish on walnut brings out such a rich deep look. Keep us posted on what issue and month your article will be in Fine Woodworking

Robert - Stow Oh

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Anonymous said...

Peter, love books from Lost Art Press and will looking forward to ordering your up coming book. Let us know when it is available. Bob

tool venture products said...

Like your designed chair. I think its hard to make this types of chairs by handmade tools , But i think handmade tools are more reliable.

Unknown said...

Peter, David Pye, in his book, referred to your gouge marks as a surface of diversity. Makes for a interesting piece. Bob