Monday, July 30, 2012

Travishers Part 3, Sharpening

One of the most rewarding parts of making travishers is taking them out for a test run and seeing what they can do. Here is a shaving off of some angled endgrain.

It's especially rewarding, having processed the steel from a soft, malleable blank to a razor sharp edge. Here is a video that shows the process that I use to get that edge. I hope that it helps. If there is any part of it that needs more info, please let me know.


Patrick Tipton said...

Nice video Pete - really appreciate all the hard work that goes into making these videos.

Thanks for sharing!

Peter Galbert said...

Thanks Pat, give a call to catch up sometime

Carl Jara said...

I really appreciate the highly instructional videos you are currently providing. As I wait patiently for my travisher, I'm learning from the man who's making it. This is not only unique but a welcome surprise. I wish more boutique makers supplied this kind of personal approach. Thanks!

Peter Galbert said...

thanks for the comment. The travisher is easily misunderstood, I hope that the videos help make it more accessible,

plumbing said...

This video is very helpful specially if we have a sharpening business. This show us the proper ways and technique of sharpening the blades.

Unknown said...

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