Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Good Stuff

I recently came across this fellow working in Japan, making some great stuff and taking the time to share it on his blog. 
His name is Dennis Young, he's an American, trained in England and living in Japan, if you like it here, I think you might find his site worth a visit. He blends Japanese and Western tools to get some fine results.
This post about his "master" is absolutely fantastic.

And speaking of things Japanese, I was asked a few times about my oil jar that was featured in a post recently. It's a Japanese design that holds oil in a reservoir and wicks it through a felt to the top. It's available at Highland Woodworking and I'm sure other retailers as well. I use camellia oil in mine.

Here is a pic of the latest chairs made by Steve and Jerry in my shop. Nice work guys!


Anonymous said...

Thanks For the link! Good stuff, I added him to the reader

Steve Kirincich said...

Hi Peter,
How much did you have to pay for the two models?


djy said...
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djy said...

Thanks for the mention of my blog, suddenly i had ten times the amount of views I normally have in a day, and a kindly comment. You must have a dedicated readership.

A large piece of bamboo also makes a very good holder for the rolled up cloth to lubricate your tools. With age and the oil it takes on a very nice character and is attractive sitting on the bench. I'm not sure to what degree larger diameter bamboo is available to folks, but if a still green piece might be obtainable, drying it in a length first, and then cutting off the piece to use as your oiler, will prevent cracking. Relatively light in weight as well, and you can work the edges.

Those blokes look very happy with their nice chairs, good going!


Essentials4work said...

Lovely article, this chair would be great as a school chair