Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Warn your Family!

Lately I've been using Old Brown Glue in the shop, It's great stuff and when the shop is cold, I'd basically end up making my own liquid hide glue to combat the chill, so why not just go with it already formulated?

One problem that I've heard of folks having with the stuff losing it's quality has to do with constant cooking.  The stuff is only liquid at 70 degrees and above, so folks tend to take the bottle and heat it in a hot water bath. But just like food, heating and reheating breaks it down. So my solution is to take the bottle when it arrives and pour the entire contents into an ice tray and set it in the fridge (not the freezer). When the stuff sets up, I empty them into a ziplock.

Each cube makes a normal sized chair. I simply melt one cube in a cup that I immerse in hot water. Reheating a few times won't affect the glue, but I do discard whatever is left after each chair.

Be sure to warn your family so that they don't mistake the glue for some tasty treat!

As usual, I have been discovering new uses for felt around the shop. This time, it's some soft felt that my friend Dana gave me. When working with shaved walnut, it's a bit too easy to ding it up, but the felt on the clamps works great with no loss of gripping power.

I am heading to Australia today to teach a few classes at the Melbourne Guild of Fine Woodworking.
I'm hoping that the longer days will give me a chance to catch up on my blogging!

Below is a gift from my hosts, a real Aboriginal boomerang. I've always been fascinated by these objects and have longed to make one. They fit my definition of a perfect wooden object. The wood is perfectly suited to this use for its strength, beauty, workability and durability. I nearly choked when they presented it. I'm looking forward to the new woods that I'll experience there.

And for my friends in Atlanta, here are the kids in their new home. I was going to leave them and my brothers house until I returned, but it just didn't feel like home here without them. This is the view from the kitchen window. They are loving the new surroundings.

See you on the other side!


Anonymous said...

But! Pete! It's spring down there!How will you cope without ice in your beard?

Tee said...

It will be summer soon, so take you bathing suit and sun screen.

Loved the photos of the kids. I would put a black light in the new shelter to help keep them warm...and a heating pad...and make them blankets like a small horse blanket. Oh yeah, they do have a fur coat.

We have an Aussie that eats supper with us every Thursday night.

Anonymous said...

HI Pete
welcome, MiM here, will c u @ the seminare, give us a call if your itenary allows a catchup or visit to the wee farm in the Gisborne area,

Gino Partez said...

Nice, that makes sense even at usual cold times people do get great idea. Thanks for this warming post. BTW, have you tried wood blade which might be useful in your wood cutting projects. thanks and more power to you.