Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Is It Next Year Already?

I'm happy to be back from teaching a class with Curtis down at Highland Woodworking in Atlanta, and even happier to think that it's my last traveling for work until next spring!!

It was a great class and a fine trip. Beside spending time on the trip down visiting friends, I got a chance to have dinner with Greg Pennington (Greg will be assisting me next spring at Kelly Mehlers) and on the way home I stopped to hang out with Brent Skidmore in Asheville and spend some time talking shop with Brian Boggs at his new workshop. I also got to meet Hayley Davison, who is staying with Brent's family while she completes her move from Hawaii.

Next year, I'll be teaching at three schools, besides my one on one classes at the shop here in Bethel.

First I'll be at Kelly Mehler's School of Woodworking in Berea from March 1-6. We'll be making a continuous arm. The schedule will be on the web site this weekend.

Next I'll be back in Maine at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship teaching a balloon back youth chair from June 14-18.

And finally, sometime next fall, I'll be in Atlanta teaching again at Highland Woodworking. We're still hammering out the details on this one.

I'll list all the schools in the sidebar with links. Now I just have to unpack a shop worth of tools and try and find a couple of sharp ones to get to work with. I'd like to give thanks to Curtis and all of the students this year for making my travels so enjoyable.
And to my friends who've emailed to inquire about the lack of postings and my well being, I assure you, all is well and fall is a great time for writing!

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