Thursday, July 23, 2009

Shavehorse Plans

In response to a recent question, here are the plans for my favorite shavehorse. It's a fun project to build and mine has given me years of service. I highly recommend lining the jaws with leather, which dramatically increases the holding power for the effort you put in.

To see the images full size and hopefully to print out, just click on them.
Below is the chair that Jeff Lefkowitz made with me recently. Jeff has spent time with Curtis and Brian Boggs since he was last here so we pulled out all the stops. The class ended up being as much about chair design as actually getting the thing together.

It's vital to a chair design that it be appealing from all angles.

Here's Jeff in his finished chair.

Obviously from my lack of posting, this summer is very busy for me. Below is a teaser of what you'll be seeing in the next post, and I can say without reserve, it's beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the plans pete. I well send you a pic when I get it built. Thanks Again.

Anonymous said...

How come we have only one false miter joint?

Peter Galbert said...

By the end of the week, Jeff was a bit beat and decided to carve the second duck bill at home!

Harry said...

I thought it might be an artistic design feature

David S. Jones said...

Thanks for being part of the digital renaissance and sharing so freely, Peter. The Chairmaker's Notebook is on my list, to be sure. Once I get done with Jennie's...If I can ever absorb all the great information from her book, or for that matter, from any of all you intrepid investigators and sharers! I actually write to share that before I looked at your 10 degree template you provided, I searched for a method to find ten degrees, and was able to math-magic it out on my workbench! I was a little surprised to see that it isn't too far off from your provided angle! :) So here's a way to find a 10 degree angle with just a compass in case you can't print it out or trace it accurately from the screen! (From what appears to be an unnamed creator/conglomerate(?) channel :(

David S. Jones said...

Or maybe 9.5 degrees, so sayeth a few comments... But, what's a half a degree between chairmakers, anyways... :)