Monday, May 18, 2009

His n Hers

To those who live in NYC, this is no news, but living in the city requires a different sense of priorities when it comes to the objects in your life. Imagine stuffing your whole life into a 500 square foot apartment. Sue and I used to joke that the apartment could be spotless, but if you put your keys on the kitchen counter it looked trashed!
So when a city dweller asks for something special, I feel flattered that I will get to influence a portion of that valuable space.
Last fall I took an interesting order for a couple of chairs. The customer was attracted to the rod back in cherry that I make, but wanted to have one for himself and one, with slight modifications for his girlfriend. So I introduced some curves, slimmed the chair down a bit and reshaped the seat. Here's the results...

He'll be driving up this Friday to pick them up, until then, I'll be oiling them and imagining her face when he shows her the chair he had made "for her".


Ngoh Thiam Meng said...

Hi Peter, greetings from Singapore. I really enjoy your woodworking work and site!

Steve in Kansas said...


Awesome looking chairs. A couple of questions: 1) Are the chairs 100% cherry? 2) How did you finish the chairs (any stain involved or only oil)?

Peter Galbert said...

thanks,This internet thing sure can reach far!

The chairs have butternut seats and white oak spindles and the finish is varnish oil. No staining involved, the cherry is too pretty!