Monday, March 30, 2009

Show's Over Folks

Here I am turning and talking at the NWA Showcase this past weekend. It was a great show. We sold a slew of my calipers and met lots of nice folks. Most of my showing experience has been with a less focused group of onlookers, so talking and demonstrating to a group of woodworkers and enthusiasts proved to be a real pleasure.

Below is Mike Czaja (on the left) who's been reading the blog since its inception. I'd like to thank all the folks who read the blog for coming up and talking to me, it helps me explain to Sue why I am up until Midnight editing videos or writing posts!

I also got to meet some folks whose work I've admired such as Michael Mocho, Jim Tolpin and Thomas Wetzel. I also spoke with Don Flaws of Berne, New York who sells antique tools. He had some lovely straight drawknives (save yourself the trouble and only buy straight knives!) You can reach him at (518) 872- 1615.

I hope to see you there next year, they've asked me to return as a presenter at the Totally Turning Symposium which runs along with the showcase.


tko said...

hi peter,
when using the galiper the plunger channel would glog with saw dust and restrict the movement and alter the measurement. i removed the cover of the channel and replaced it with two washers and it no longer clogs and the measurements are accurate.

Peter Galbert said...

thanks for the feedback, I've never had this problem. I'll keep an ear open for further responses and look into it. It seems like you've solved the issue for the way that you work, but I might make a couple of suggestions. Holding the caliper too far forward may crowd the chips as they exit. I'd try holding the caliper so that it tips up and further away from the cutting tool to allow the chips to clear more easily. Also be sure to use a shearing cut, as the shavings will exit more easily than the smaller chips made by scraping. Thanks for taking the time to write and let me know of any further suggestions or issues,

Kerry said...

Peter, what a great blog. I just found you last month. I have been stuggling years at making windsors. I guess I'm what you call a farmer type chairmaker, one who makes out of need and not much of a craftsman. Anyway, you can see my latest at Thanks, one of you new fans.

Peter Galbert said...

thanks, I'm glad you're enjoying it, good luck painting that lovely chair!

bwlsntngs said...

Hi Peter
Ran across your blog several months ago. WOW what a wealth of knowledge and information. I have spent numerous hours reading and watching your videos. I make hand hewn bowls, but am looking forward to making windsors in the near future. Keep the blog going, it is greatly appreciated. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and expertise.

Peter Galbert said...

thanks for checking in, the responses from readers is much appreciated and inspires me to keep going,